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Kryo '98 held in Braunschweig from October 11 to 13, 1998


Kryo '9 vom 11. 10. bis 13.10.98 in Braunschweig

The "Cryoelectronic Devices" workshop, the Kryo, is Germany's national forum in the field of cryoelectronics". Since 1981, it has taken place every year at different places in Germany, the organisation being in the hands of universities, research institutions and industrial firms. After 1982 and 1987, Kryo is again held in Braunschweig, organized as before by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt. Place of the conference is the apartment house of Braunschweig postal services.

About 120 scientists and engineers from research and industry are expected to participate in this year's workshop. In the centre of interest are cryoelectronic circuits based on metallic and oxidic superconducting materials. These circuits, which must be cooled to low temperatures to reach the superconducting state (vanishing electric resistivity), exploit macroscopic quantum effects and form the basis of highly innovative products. They are already used in highly sensitive magnetic field sensors (SQUIDs, i.e. superconducting quantum interference devices) or in precision measurements. Further fields of application of cryoelectronic devices are, for example, medical engineering where they are used for the measurement of biomagnetic signals, or non-destructive materials testing of components subject to high stresses such as, for example, turbine blades or parts of aircraft. Recent developments are focussed on applications in integrated digital circuits, in high-frequency engineering and communication technology.
The conference comprises lecture and poster sessions and is accompanied by a small industrial exhibition. Subsequent to the conference, the participants will visit projects and laboratories of the PTB's "Quantum Electronics" Department.