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Novel measuring method for walking sounds

PTB proposes a simple differential measurement with an ISO tapping machine


"Look out, the boss is coming!" In ordinary daily office life, a "noisy" floor covering in the corridor may even be helpful. It's quite another matter for large rooms in which many people walk around. There the question of the most nerve-preserving floor covering may be very important. Therefore, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) has developed a measuring method which is based on a conventional ISO tapping machine. With the aid of a simple measurement and without having to determine the tapping machine's own noise every time, it is possible to determine how loud the noise is for different floor coverings. The method has meanwhile been submitted to the European standards organisation CEN as draft standard.

Prof. Dr. Werner Scholl, PTB Department 1.7 Applied Acoustics,
Tel.: +49531 592-1700,
E-Mail: werner.scholl(at)ptb.de