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Professor Dr. Manfred Kochsiek is the new Vice-president of the PTB


Federal President Roman Herzog appointed Professor Dr. Manfred Kochsiek Vice-president of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig and Berlin (PTB) with effect from June 16, 1998. He thus is the successor to Professor Dr.Volkmar Kose who went into retirement.

Professor Dr. Kochsiek was born on February 5, 1941, in Gadderbaum near Bielefeld. He studied mechanical engineering at Hannover Technical University, took his diploma as an engineer in 1966 and did a doctor's degree in 1972.

On April 15, 1966, he took up his activities at the PTB in Braunschweig and first worked as a scientific assistant in the area of industrial metrology. In 1974, he moved to the Division of Mass where he became head of laboratory in the same year and head of group in 1979. Within a short time he succeeded in substantially increasing the efficiency of handling legal tasks and carried out remarkable research work. In 1985 he was additionally appointed head of the Technical and Scientific Services Group and the Metrological Development Aid Office. He earned the respect not only of national and international partners in the field of metrology but also of industrial circles. The success of his work is also reflected by the fact that he was appointed head of the Technical and Scientific Services Division in 1986 and Member of the Presidential Board in 1993.

As a scientist, Professor Dr. Manfred Kochsiek has made himself a name on the national and international level by a great number of publications and lectures and as the author of several books. By his scientific and organizational achievements and his experience in the areas of metrology, mass determination and technical cooperation with developing countries, he has earned the respect of the experts. He represents the Federal Republic of Germany in the International Organization for Legal Metrology (OIML) whose vice-president he has been since 1991. In the last few years, he was honoured with several awards, so, for example, he received the badge of honour of DIN and was appointed foreign honorary member of the Russian Academy for Metrology, visiting professor of several universities and honorary professor the Ilmenau Technical University.