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PTB extends scope of information in the Internet (World Wide Web)


The PTB has extended the scope of information offered by it in the internet (World Wide Web). Details of the PTB's measurement and calibration capabilities and a list of the accredited calibration laboratories of the Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (DKD) can now be found at the PTB address www.ptb.de.

The PTB's measurement and calibration capabilities have been compiled in a list which follows the PTB's organizational structure with its divisions and departments. Measuring range, measurement conditions, the uncertainty of measurement, traceability to the primary standard and international comparison measurements are stated for the measurand in question.

The list of accredited DKD calibration laboratories indicates the calibration capabilities of these laboratories in the order of their registration numbers. The information given comprises the measurands and, as appropriate, the categories of objects calibrated, measuring ranges, measurement conditions and the smallest uncertainties of measurement to which accreditation refers. The list appears in print twice annually and is available from Wirtschaftsverlag NW, Verlag für neue Wissenschaft GmbH, Bremerhaven.

This information provides all those interested with a quick and comprehensive survey of the measurement and calibration capabilities offered.

The information offered is available in acrobat-reader format (pdf).