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Rules for the type approval of commercial gambling devices


Volume 23 of the series "PTB Testing Instructions" on gambling devices in accordance with section 33c of the Industrial Code has recently been published, together with an annex on the measuring interface for gambling devices.

While other PTB Testing Instructions deal with measuring instruments, this guideline serves for the type approval of gambling devices whose commercial use must be authorized. Such gambling devices may be accessible to the public only if their type has been approved by the PTB.

Volume 23 of the Testing Instructions deals with the legal requirements for the type examination of gambling devices. Due to the technical progress, gambling devices contain ever more complicated computer-controlled gambling systems. These are determining for the testing methods and for statistical evaluations in particular. To further automate part of the test, a uniform measuring interface for the transfer of gambling results and statistical evaluation methods have been developed. The gambling results are logged and evaluated by a computer. The payout rate and the probability of realizing high winnings are determined, or random characteristics are assessed, such as the independence of the gambling results with a control of the winning amount mix and of the spread of the loss series without temporal trends.

From January 1, 1998, these Testing Instructions will be applied to the type approval of gambling devices. The objective of the new procedure is to accelerate the processing of applications and to increase the objectivity when the decision on the approval is taken.

The present Testing Instructions are meant both for manufacturers of gambling devices and for authorities and the public, and serve for information about the testing method applied by the PTB.

PTB Testing Instructions, Vol. 23 "Gambling devices in accordance with section 33c of the Industrial Code" by Thomas Bronder, Clemens Elster and Dieter Richter 53 pages, 9 tables, DM 22,00.

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