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Prof. Dr. Ernst O. Göbel, President of the PTB, honoured


On June 28, 1996, the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences elected Prof. Dr. Ernst O. Göbel, President of the PTB, to be a regular member in the mathematics and natural sciences class.

By this election, the members of the Academy demonstrate their appreciation for the scientific work which Prof. Göbel has done to date. They also hope that his election will give incentives to the Academy's own scientific work.

The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences was founded in 1992 by a treaty concluded between the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg. Its roots are in the academy founded by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in Berlin in 1700.
Among the Academy's most important tasks is research work which it defines at its own discretion and which is aimed at the advancement of the process of knowing. Another focal point of its work is the deliberate and critical discussion of scientific problems of social and sociopolitical background.
The Academy is divided into five classes and has now 100 members.