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PTB is a very "colorful" institution. The reason for this is its "multiple role": looking at the amount of its research and development work, its main focus is as a research institute. Yet its many legally regulated duties and not least its important role for industry, mean it is one of the so-called departmental research institutes of the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy). This complexity and not least its history which stretches back over more than 125 years are the reason for the large number of very different portrayals of PTB. Here you will find the free brochures published by the Press and Information Office, arranged in line with PTB's structure or according to important subjects.

Info Sheet "The PTB"

Would you like to have a brief overview of PTB as a whole, find out more about PTB's history or about one particular division of PTB? Then the 6-page PTB Info Sheets are just right for you.

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Special edition of PTB-Mitteilungen: "PTR/PTB: 125 Years of Metrological Research"

For over 125 years, the PTR and PTB have been at the center of measuring in Germany. If you would like to have a brief or a longer insight into our past with its many high points, then please take a look at our publications on PTR/PTB's history.

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Special edition of PTB-Mitteilungen: "Das Internationale Einheitensystem (SI)"

The seven base units of the International System of Units (SI) form the basis of almost all of PTB's work. If you would like to know more about the SI or the units, please take a look at our extensive selection of free brochures and journals on this subject.

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The atomic clocks and the transmission of time signals are PTB's most well-known devices and duties. Here you will find a whole range of cost-free information about these things.

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Explore the online repository of publications on Quality Infrastructure of PTB's Technical Cooperation Department. An internationally recognized Quality Infrastructure serves objectives in terms of safety, environment, health and consumer protection and, in developing countries and emerging economies, contributes to sustainable economic, ecological and social development.

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Brochure: "Energie für Deutschland"

Brochure about energy (in German only)

Generating, saving and measuring energy sustainably – all of these are immensely important subjects. A 15-page brochure explains what an important role measurement technology and thus also PTB plays here.

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