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Dr Michael Wolf - New Chairman of the DKD Board


Dr Michael Wolf, Head of Division 9.11 "Industrial Metrology" at PTB, has been appointed Chairman of the DKD Executive Board by the Management of PTB with effect from July 1, 2020.

Dr Wolf already chaired the former DKD in 2009, when it was still an independent accreditation body. With the foundation of the DAkkS, which started its work in January 2010, Dr Wolf became head of their "Metrology" department. In 2018 he returned to PTB and has since been actively engaged in promoting the interests of the DKD. Dr Wolf is a profound expert in the field of calibration and has been an assessor of accredited calibration laboratories for many years. He takes over the chairmanship from Dr Peter Ulbig, Head of Division 9 "Legal and International Metrology" at PTB, who in 2011 reestablished the DKD and since then has built up and further developed the DKD.