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Sector 3: Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)


The sector 3 of the conformity assessment body of the PTB performs conformity assessments of measuring instruments according to the measuring instruments directive (MID).

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Service offer

The service offer of the sector comprises:

  • EU type-examinations according to directive 2014/32/EU module B
  • Evaluation certificates and parts certificates of components of measuring instruments according to WELMEC-Guide 8.8
  • EU unit verifications according to directive 2014/32/EU module G
  • approvals of quality systems according to directive 2014/32/EU modules D, D1

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Fields of reference

  • Measuring instruments for liquids (WG 1.51)
  • Measuring instruments for gas (WG 1.42)
  • Measuring instruments for electrical energy (WG 2.34)
  • Measuring instruments for thermal energy (WG 7.51)
  • Weighing instruments (WG 1.12)
  • Measuring Instruments in public transport (WG 1.31)
  • Exhaust gas analysers (WG 3.44)
  • Length and their combinations (WG 5.45)
  • Capacity serving measures (WG 9.21)
  • Evaluation of Quality Systems of Measuring Instruments Manufacturers (WG 9.22)

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Customer information

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