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5. Temperature and Humidity

Helmut Hager

The Technical Committee Temperature and Humidity was founded in 1987. Today it represents more than 100 members from Germany and abroad. In its many years of activity, our Technical Committee has harmonized many metrological procedures in close cooperation with the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt and has paved the way for the dissemination and application of these procedures at the European level.

For an up-to-date picture of the commitment of the Expert Committee, please find below a description of its current activities:

In close cooperation with the DKD Technical Committee, the expert group for temperature currently reviews the Guideline DKD-R 5-1 "Calibration of Resistance Thermometers". The Guidelines DKD-R 5-3 "Calibration of thermocouples" and DKD-R 5-4 "Calibration of temperature block calibrators" will follow.

From 2014 to 2018, the Subcommittee on Humidity prepared the now published Guideline
DKD-R 5-8 "Calibration of Hygrometers for Direct Measurement of Relative Humidity". As a next step, a small group of experts will prepare the Guide DKD-L 5-1 "Calculation formulae for humidity parameters".

Since 2017, the Subcommittee on Climate Cabinets has been working on the revision of the Guideline DKD-R 5-7 "Calibration of Climatic chambers".

Currently, an interlaboratory comparison concerning the calibration of climatic chambers (temperature and relative humidity) is being conducted. This comparison is supported by an accredited PT provider.

The annual meetings of the Technical Committee provide an active forum for laboratories, assessors, PTB representatives and designated bodies.

Currently, the following Guidelines are available:

  • DKD-R 5-1: Calibration of resistance thermometers
  • DKD-R 5-3: Calibration of thermocouples
  • DKD-R 5-4: Calibration of temperature block calibrators
  • DKD-R 5-5: Calibration of temperature indicators and simulators by electrical simulation and measurement
  • DKD-R 5-6: Determination of thermometer characteristics
  • DKD-R 5-7: Calibration of climatic chambers
  • DKD-R 5-8: Calibration of Hygrometers for Direct Measurement of Relative Humidity

The Guidelines DKD-R 5-1, DKD-R 5-3, DKD-R 5-4, DKD-R 5-5, DKD-R 5-7 are currently not available in English.

Furthermore, there is the following Comparison Report:

DKD-V 5.1: Calibration of temperature block calibrators at temperatures above 600°C / Pilot study to determine the measurement uncertainty