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4. Length

Dr. Christian Sander

The DKD Technical Committee “Length“ has a very long tradition and has been in existence practically since the foundation of the DKD in the 1970s. It currently has about 75 members and is thus the largest Technical Committee within the DKD. Traditionally, the committee meetings are also used for an intensive exchange with the experts of the PTB. This includes the discussion of topics regarding the calibration of measuring equipment in the field of length measurement.

In addition, there are two sub-working groups:

• the sub-working group “Measuring Equipment“ together with the   VDI/VDE-GMA Division 3.11 “Inspection of  Test Equipment“

• the sub-working group “Roughness/Form“Guidelines regarding the following topics are currently being prepared: test plates, test cylinders/test plugs, dial gauges and horizontal length measuring instruments.For example, the following calibration guidelines have been published by the Technical Committee:

• DKD-R 4-1: Selection and calibration of  measuring instruments  for gauge blocks for the use as standard devices in calibration laboratories• DKD-R 4-2 Sheet 01: Calibration of  measuring instruments and standards for  roughness metrology – calibration of standards for roughness metrology

• DKD-R 4-2 Sheet 02: Calibration of measuring instruments and standards  for  roughness metrology – calibration  of the vertical measuring system  of stylus instruments

• DKD-R 4-3 Sheet 01: Calibration of measuring equipment for geometrical  measurands – basics

• DKD-R 4-3 Sheet 3.1: Calibration of measuring equipment for  geometrical measurands – calibration of gauge blocks