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2. High Frequency and Optics

Gerhard Rösel

The DKD Technical Committee “High Frequency and Optics“ comprises  the departments “High Frequency“, “Optics“ and “Dosimetry“. It consists of currently 31 accredited laboratories and three PTB representatives, one for each of the three departments, as well as interested guests from the PTB, DAkkS and industry. According to the Units and Time Act, the PTB has to ensure the uniformity of metrology and is responsible for the dissemination of the units and their metrological traceability. In this context, the Technical Committee serves as an important forum of communication between the PTB and the accredited laboratories – it enables both sides to fulfill their respective tasks.

The Technical Committee specifically deals with the following topics and questions: • Current topics/problems in the fields of metrology, calibration, measurement uncertainty and accreditation. The topics are discussed in the Technical Committee and the necessary measures are initiated, e.g.: • Clarifications of a metrological nature, in cooperation with the departments of the PTB • Clarifications regarding accreditation issues together with the responsible DAkkS committees • Clarification of topics regarding measurement uncertainty or, if necessary, forwarding of the topics to the DKD Technical Committee “Measurement Uncertainty“ • Supplying information to members and guests from the departments of the PTB, the accreditation body DAkkS and the VDI/VDE-GMA • Organization of interlaboratory comparisons/comparison measurements in cooperation with the PTB. The interlaboratory comparisons for the individual measurement quantities are timed in accordance with the requirements of the DAkkS. • The development of guidelines/guides for traceable calibration procedures in accordance with the departments of the PTB and by participating in the guideline activities of the VDI/VDE-GMA, Division 3.12. 

The Technical Committee‘s current project is to create a series of guides dealing with the traceability of so-called derived quantities for the calibration of complex high frequency measurement instruments. For efficiency reasons, a working group that mainly deals with topics of electronic communication has been set up within the Technical Committee. 

The following calibration guidelines have been published by the Thechnical Committee:  • DKD-L 02-1, Sheet 1: Traceability of the derived high frequency  measurement quantity “Display Linearity“ (from the guide series “Traceability of derived high frequency measurement quantities“) • DKD-L 02-2: Guide for a traceable measurement of HF voltage