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Honorary membership granted to Prof. Dr. Manfred Kochsiek


He is one of the trailblazers of the DKD in its present form. The former Vice-President of the PTB, Prof. Dr. Manfred Kochsiek, was awarded the honorary membership of the DKD on 28 November 18. "Without his help, the DKD would not have been able to grow and prosper in its early years" said Honorary Prof. Dr. Roman Schwarz, current Vice-President of the PTB, in recognition of our new honorary member. As head of the former Department 8 "Technical-Scientific Services", Mr. Kochsiek laid the foundations for today's DKD which has now been in existence for more than 40 years. Step by step, the former department "Calibration and Testing Services" (8.32) developed into an independent accreditation body and later into a technical body as we know it today. Mr. Kochsiek did an excellent job and rendered ample assistance for the international integration and involvement of PTB in the field of legal metrology, metrological and technical cooperation and standardization. The entire DKD and especially the Technical Committee "Mass and Weighing Instruments" would like to thank Prof. Dr. Kochsiek from the bottom of their hearts for his decades of commitment in metrology and is looking forward to a further successful cooperation.