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The agreement between PTB and DAkkS on the use of the "DKD mark" on calibration certificates has been extended until 31 December 2020. This extension was necessary to completely cover the time needed for the conversion to the revised standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. This transition period ends on 30 November 2020.

If the conversion to the new version of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 has not yet taken...

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He is one of the trailblazers of the DKD in its present form. The former Vice-President of the PTB, Prof. Dr. Manfred Kochsiek, was awarded the honorary membership of the DKD on 28 November 18. "Without his help, the DKD would not have been able to grow and prosper in its early years" said Honorary Prof. Dr. Roman Schwarz, current Vice-President of the PTB, in recognition of our new honorary...

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