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According to the Units and Time Act, the PTB has to ensure the uniformity of metrology.

This includes in particular the dissemination of the units in the sense of metrological traceability. In the dissemination of the units, PTB avails itself of the services of accredited calibration laboratories.

To promote the uniformity in metrology and with the aim to offer complementary technical assistance, a panel was founded at PTB on 3 May 2011, in which PTB and accredited calibration laboratories work closely togehter. The panel's objective is to develop metrological foundations for calibrations.

This panel is called "German Calibration Service (DKD)" and is under the direction of the PTB.

The DKD is no longer an accreditation body.

Since 1 January 2010, the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) is responsible for accreditations.


The main objective of the DKD ist the promotion of calibration in terms of the dissemination of the units. This concerns in particular the promotion of the exchange of information between the members and the development of calibration guidelines (DKD-R), which represent the state of the art and can be used as a basis for accreditation procedures and assessments.

The objectives are to be achieved in particular by performing the following tasks:

  1. Information of the members about new national and international developments in calibration, at meetings or in another suitable way,
  2. active participation in the preparation of regulations for calibrations at the national, European and international level,
  3. publication of documents
  4. participation in meetings and forums of Germany's National Accreditation Body (DAkkS),
  5. promotion of training courses for employees from the calibration sector,
  6. information of the public about the activities of the DKD,
  7. promotion of interlaboratory comparisons / comparison measurements.


Essentially, the DKD is divided into the Steering Committee (DKD Board), which has an operating function, and the Technical Commitees, which deal with the development of technical bases for calibrations. In addition, a General Assembly of all members may be convened on important occasions.

The Board is responsible for general aspects and issues regarding the DKD. In particular, the Board is responsible for the adoption of DKD documents that are published on the website of the DKD.

The Board consists of a PTB respresentative acting as chairman and the elected chairpersons of the respective Technical Committees.

The now 13 DKD Technical Committees are responsible for specific technical areas.

The DKD Technical Committee 13 (Measurement) uncertainty sort of represents a horizontal Technical Committee. Each of the other Technical Committees is asked to send two representatives. The Technical Committee 13 treats fundamental issues which are related to measurement uncertainty and play a role in calibration. In general, the Technical Committees are responsible for the development and maintenance of the corresponding DKD documents.  Through membership in the DKD, each member acquires the right to collaborate in the DKD Technical Committees.


The DKD is directed by the DKD Board. lt consists of the chairpersons of all DKD Technical Committees and a representative of PTB acting as chairman.

The Board decides on the publication of DKD documents which are developed by the Technical Committees. The Board performs all the tasks prescribed by the Rules of Procedure of the DKD and which affect all the Technical Committees.

DKD Chairman

E-Mail: Wolfgang.Schmid@ptb.de

DKD Managing Director

E-Mail: Martin.Czaske(at)ptb.de

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