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Metrological Services

Based on its research and development work, PTB provides a wide range of metrological services. The central task in this context – laid down by law – is to realize and to disseminate the units as accurately as possible. In this way, PTB ensures that uniform measures are used, not only in Germany, but throughout the world.

More information on the fees for metrological services of PTB can be found on the webpage "Opens internal link in current windowINFORMATION ON PTB FEES".

The Rule Determination Committee ("Regelermittlungsausschuss" – REA) determines – in accordance with Art. 46 of the Measures and Verification Act, and based on the state of the art – rules, findings and technical specifications for measuring instruments, for conformity assessment procedures, and for the users of measuring instruments or of measured values.

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The spectrum of tasks of this Department extends from legal metrology to conformity assessment, certification and technology transfer and is regulated by national and European legal provisions as well as by standards..

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PTB operates an integrated quality management system (QM system) which covers the following four interlinked fields of business: Fundamentals of Metrology, Metrology for the Economy, Metrology for Society and International Affairs.

With this QM system, the requirements laid down in ISO/IEC 17025 – and thus the principles of ISO 9001 and, where applicable, the standards of the series EN 45 000 and/or ISO/IEC 17 000 along with ISO Guide 34 – are complied with..

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