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EMPIR Partnering Meetings 2019 PTB Berlin

General information

The partnering meetings in Berlin 25th to 28th of June will be held on the premises of PTB Berlin. Due to the larger number of SRTs the meetings have been split into two main blocks with subsequent time windows.

Block 1:   25 June, 13:00, until 26 June, ~15:30
Block 2:   27 June, 13:00, until 28 June, ~15:30

  • Participation via virtual media is not possible

  • A training session (~ 3 hours) on EMPIR projects for all interested parties will be given by a representative of the MSU

    • 25 June, 9:00 till 12:00 and
    • 27 June, 9:00 till 12:00


Block 3, Block 4 and Block 5  

  • SRT-g10 - In operando metrology for energy storage materials
  • SRT-v05 - Advanced aerosol metrology for atmospheric science and air quality
  • SRT-n06 - Filtration in surface form metrology - Specification of filters depending on workpiece function

These SRTs have different time slots, which are shown below. If you want to participate in these meetings, please register and pay the conference fee.

!!! Please note our new conference fees for each block!!!

  • If you register till 19 June 2019 the conference fee will be 100€ for each block.
  • We strongly recommend to pay before coming to the meeting. The banking details will be send to you as soon as you registered.

The registration officially ends at 19 June 2019. If you need to register on site in Berlin between 25 June and 28 June 2019, the conference fee will be 150€ for each block. The partnering meetings are financially supported by the Opens external link in new windowHelmholtz Fonds e.V.

Areal photo: PTB Berlin-Charlottenburg
Areal photo: PTB Berlin-Charlottenburg


Block 1

Berlin, 25 - 26 June 2019

Registration closed

SRT-g04 Traceable mechanical and electrical power measurement for efficiency determination of wind turbines

SRT-g13 High throughput metrology for nanowire energy harvesting devices

SRT-g14 Metrology for emerging PV applications

SRT-g15 New metrological methods for biofuel materials analysis

SRT-g20 Metrology for enhanced reliability and efficiency of wind energy systems

SRT-r02 Metrology for natural gas and biomethane-enriched natural gas

SRT-v01 Metrology for climate relevant volatile organic compounds

SRT-v03 Implementation of radon metrology for the analysis for the atmospheric budget of greenhouse gases and radiation protection in the environment

SRT-v07 Improved vehicle exhaust quantification by portable emission measurement systems metrology

SRT-v13 Metrology to establish an SI traceable climate observing system


Block 2

Berlin, 27 - 28 June 2019

Registration closed

SRT-g09 Metrology for future energy transmission 

SRT-n02 Sound insulation of facades -€“ new standardised measurement procedure for low frequencies

SRT-n04 Support for standardisation of high voltage testing with composite and combined wave shapes

SRT-n09 Metrology for temporal light modulation

SRT-n12 Revision and extension of standards for test methods for LED lamps, luminaires and modules

SRT-r03 Improvement of the realisation of the mass scale

SRT-v08 Metrology for low-level radioactivity measurements in support of the Council Directive 2013/51/EURATOM on water for human consumption

SRT-v09 Remote and real-time optical detection of alpha-emitting radionuclides in the environment

SRT-v11 Metrology for low-frequency sound and vibration for disaster warning and global environmental monitoring of nuclear testing and climate change

SRT-v14 Metrology for improved greenhouse gas retrievals in atmospheric remote sensing

SRT-v17 Metrology of light pollution in the night time environment


Block 3

Berlin, 20 - 21 June 2019

Registration closed

SRT-g10 In operando metrology for energy storage materials


Block 4

Berlin, Adlershof, 1 - 2 July 2019

Registration closed

SRT-v05 Advanced aerosol metrology for atmospheric science and air quality


Block 5

Frankfurt/Main, 1 - 2 July 2019

Registration closed

SRT-n06 Filtration in surface form metrology - Specification of filters depending on workpiece function

Venue (meetings of Block 1 and 2 from 25th to 28th of June)

For meetings of Block 3 to 5 please refer to contact persons, who are shown in Opens internal link in new windowGeneral Schedule.


The partnering meetings 25th to 28th of June will take place at the traditional site of PTB in Berlin-Charlottenburg (access information and map). The conference desk will be in the foyer of the Hermann-von-Helmholtz-building.

Travel by bus (X9)
The travel by bus from the airport Berlin-Tegel to station Ernst-Reuter-Platz takes about 18 min.
The connection is served every 10 min during daytime. It is a 5 min walk from Ernst-Reuter-Platz to PTB.

Opens external link in new windowAirport Tegel - Ernst-Reuter-Platz PTB

Opens external link in new windowMore information about the public transport system

Travel by car

If you travel to PTB Berlin by car, please bear in mind that the area around PTB is part of the environmental zone of Berlin. Only vehicles which comply with emission standards are allowed to drive there. You need a vehicle sticker to show that your car complies with these standards (Opens external link in new windowmore information).

Opens external link in new windowCity map Berlin

Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms will be equipped with notebook and the current microsoft system Windows 10 as well as an LCD projector and a flip chart.

Furthermore, close to the registration desk at the entrance hall of the Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Bau, you can find a luggage storage room as well as a prayer room.


Participants are kindly asked to book independently their accommodation. There are several hotels within approx. 10 min walking distance from the PTB premises and close to public transport.

Meals (meetings 25th to 28th of June)

For the meetings 25 - 28 June 2019:

In order to have efficient meetings refreshments, a light dinner (first day) and a lunchtime snack (second day) will be organized on the PTB premises for each block. A conference fee is asked to cover the costs for meals and refreshments (cf. registration).


The registration is closed.