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Digital approval for cash gaming machines

Modernized and accelerated approval procedure

PTBnews 3.2023
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Digital transformation

Services in accordance with the Online Access Act (Onlinezugangsgesetz – OZG)

Since December 2022, cash gaming machines have been approved by PTB in digital form only. The transition to digital processes increases efficiency and saves time in the approval procedure for both PTB and applicants.

Schematic process workflow of the digital approval procedure

The type approval of cash gaming machines is a service provided by PTB and is subject to the Online Access Act. For two years now, applicants have been able to submit their approval documents for cash gaming machines to PTB in digital form. The documents are then seamlessly analyzed and processed with the results from tests and technical applications in the “electronic file” (e-file). Until now, however, the approval certificate had to be printed as a hard copy, signed manually, sealed and sent by post.

To digitalize this component as well, PTB developed – within the scope of the “Introduction of electronic signatures and electronic seals (preliminary investigation)” project – concepts and requirements for the drafting of digital, legally valid outgoing documents which can then be archived in a tamper-proof manner. Since December 2022, this has allowed digital approvals to be sent solely via email with an optional digital official seal.