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Grip force measurement with optical markers

PTB-News 2.2022
Especially interesting for

medical research

medical cell diagnostics

the pharmaceutical industry

The ability to measure even the smallest grip forces, in particular for the nondestructive handling and manipulation of highly sensitive materials such as biological cells, is indispensable in medical research and the pharmaceutical industry.

Segmented gripper jaw with markers (red) to measure the grip force.

 PTB came up with a concept that simplifies grip force measurement by optically evaluating markers placed on the gripper jaws. In this way, it is possible to acquire the displacement and position of the grippers and then to calculate the grip force applied. The advantages are that the manufacturing effort is low, the materials can be selected freely, and metal film sensors are not required. The gripper being made of a single material, it protects the analyzed object from chemical impurities. (Technology Offer 437)


accurate grip force measurement

optical image assessment

low manufacturing effort

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