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Developing a quantum computer

PTBnews 1.2022

In the new joint project “ATIQ – Quantencomputer mit gespeicherten Ionen für Anwendungen” (quantum computers with stored ions for applications), 25 partners are aiming to develop the first generation of reliable and user-friendly quantum computer demonstrators with around-the-clock availability on the basis of ion trap technology within 30 months. To achieve this, the leading ion trap research groups at the universities of Hannover/Braunschweig, Siegen and Mainz have joined forces with research institutes (including PTB) and partners from industry. The project is being funded with 37.4 million euros by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. (Contact: Christian Ospelkaus, +49 531 592-4740, Opens local program for sending emailchristian.ospelkaus(at)ptb.de)