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Ultra-precise time signals

PTBnews 3.2020

Bereits jetzt sind große europäische Forschungszentren über ein Glasfaser-Netzwerk verbunden, in das hochgenaue Atomuhren Laserlicht einspeisen. (Abb.: Stefan Schröder/Uni Bonn)

A consortium of European National Metrology Institutes, the University of Bonn and highly specialized companies which shall be called “Clock Optical Network Services – Design Study” (CLONETS-DS) is to develop a design study for a future network for the distribution of high-precision optical frequencies and time signals starting on 1 October. The European Union will fund the project with 3 million euros over the next two years. (Contact: Harald Schnatz, +49 531 592-4300, Opens local program for sending emailharald.schnatz(at)ptb.de)