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Visit of Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel to PTB in Braunschweig


On 27 February 2014, the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Mr. Sigmar Gabriel, visited PTB, which is supervised by his ministry. During his stay at PTB’s site in Braunschweig, Mr. Gabriel discussed in particular strategic perspectives with the Presidential Board. Being the second largest national metrology institute in the world, PTB especially – in addition to its importance for metrology in Germany – plays a major role in the development of European and worldwide structures of metrology.

On the occasion of his visit, Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel was informed about the current research on the kilogram.

After his meeting with PTB’s Presidential Board, the Federal Minister was informed – during a laboratory tour – about the current research work on the determination of the Avogadro constant and on PTB’s approach to a redefinition of the kilogram on the basis of this fundamental constant. The Federal Minister was specially interested in personally addressing the employees of PTB. “In the field of metrology – the science of measurement – PTB is a worldwide leading institution. Please allow me to express my appreciation and my gratitude to you for contributing to PTB’s excellent reputation with your work. Please continue to be the measure of all things, the Federal Minister said. He observed that the German economy has worldwide success, especially in the field of new products and new procedures of high quality. Particular importance is attributed to PTB playing a major role for quality assurance in Germany as a highly industrialized country. Both PTB›s role and the activities to promote young scientists in natural-scientific and technical professions and the local measures taken by PTB for the compatibility of family and profession were positively appraised by Minister Gabriel. Directly after the discussion, the employees had the opportunity to put questions to the Federal Minister. When enquired about the professional prospects, especially for PTB employees with a time-limited contract, Federal Minister Gabriel mentioned that the cutback on permanent posts has meanwhile been stopped in federal institutions. For the short term, Minister Gabriel was unable, however, to promise new permanent posts for PTB. Nevertheless, he promised to support PTB in its further development, e.g. in PTB›s future basic funding and in realizing infrastructural measures.