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Ion trap with a superconducting electrode

PTB-News 1.2024
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The superconducting layer of a trap electrode (left) allows the photon detection of an ion that is trapped in a trap potential.

A quantum computer uses qubits to perform its operations. To date, ion traps have proved to be one of the best ways of manufacturing, storing and manipulating qubits. The concept developed by PTB is based on integrating components that have been separate until now. These are the sensor for photon detection and the trap electrode, which is made of a superconducting layer. The two components have now been combined. When a photon is absorbed, the superconductor changes from the superconducting state into the normal-conducting state. This change of state can be detected by measuring the resistance. PTB’s new approach allows a simplified architecture of ion traps, which is of particular importance when it comes to mass production. (Technology Offer 545)


increased integration density

simplified setup

no additional optical elements

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