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Checking electric vehicle charging stations

PTB-News 1.2024
Especially interesting for

Verification authorities, state-approved testing laboratories

Conformity assessment bodies

Manufacturers of charging stations

ELVIS – the mobile test lab

If a charging station cannot be taken to a laboratory, then the laboratory must go to the charging station. The electric vehicle charger inspection system (ELVIS) is a fully equipped lab that can examine any installed electric charging station in detail. And it can do this whatever the weather and wherever the location because ELVIS is mobile. In addition, ELVIS provides testing techniques for charging stations with adjustable voltage and current test points as well as very high power consumption. Innovative combinations of regenerative direct current loads with a resistive load connected in parallel have been realized in order to react to mobile requirements. (Technology Offer 574)


test points can be adjusted dynamically

comparatively lightweight and low-cost combination

high charging power of up to 100 kW can be tested

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