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Into the Future with Metrology - The Challenges of Digitalization

Digitalisation - Core Objective 4

PTB supports the efficient and safe use of digital technologies

PTB develops and uses digital technologies both for its own workflows and for quality infrastructure processes. In doing so, it considers the concepts of security and privacy by design to be indispensable for securing trust. This means that in the development of hardware and software, data protection is taken into account from the very beginning on the one hand, and on the other hand attention is paid to reducing weak points and sensitivity to attacks as much as possible. The individual components of this digital transformation are intended to be combined in such a way in the medium term that they result in a uniform overall picture.

The Electronic File

One of these components is an electronic file, or "e-file" for short (German: "E-Akte"), a central electronic document management system in which all PTB documents are conveniently stored and retrieved and which supports spatially flexible, joint work. Before using e-files throughout PTB, some departments tested it in practice in a pilot phase to check the system thoroughly and optimize it for PTB purposes. The challenges in introducing e-files at PTB are that, among other things:

• large amounts of data are stored in non-office formats;

• sensitive manufacturer data must be protected against unauthorized access;

• within the scope of research collaborations, partners must be granted access to joint documents.

Sabine Pullwitt, Z.14 Organization and Controlling, Phone: +49 531 592-9219, E-Mail: sabine.pullwitt@ptb.d

Customer Portal "E-Service"

Another digital building block is the customer portal called "e-service" (official German name: "E-Service"). This portal is intended to provide efficient and secure orientation to customers of PTB. With this service, web-based processing of ordering data – which is closely linked to PTB's e-file system – is to be set up. The customer portal will be the central digital contact point for customers from the field of conformity assessment and calibrations and will ensure the easy upload of information and the management of orders. Upon completion, this will also include the provision of digital certificates with security features, as already described in the example of the Digital Calibration Certificate under Core Objective 1. The pilot phase is expected to start at the beginning of 2021.


Markus Klemme, Z.18, Tel.: +49 531 592-8491
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