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Self-Declaration on Drawing Up a Gender Equality Plan

Since 2002, PTB has issued several gender equality plans in accordance with the Federal Gender Equality Act (Germany) [Bundesgleichstellungsgesetz, BGleiG]. Each gender equality plan describes the number of posts held by women at PTB and their working conditions as well as the goals and proposals derived for the validity period of the gender equality plan that are intended to ensure the equality of women and men and to improve the compatibility of work, family life and care for elderly and ill family members.
The gender equality plan is an instrument for staff development and staff planning and is compulsory for all management staff as well as for all staff members of the Personnel Section.
Data collection concerning the ratio of men to women in leadership positions and the ratio of men to women in apprenticeships at PTB – as well as the measures and proposals to achieve the above goals – are related to the following subjects: staff management and staff development elements; makeup of boards and committees; protecting staff from harassment and discrimination in the workplace; measures to improve professional opportunities for women staff members; measures to promote the compatibility of work, family life and care for elderly and ill family members.
If the goals of the previous gender equality plan have not been achieved, reasons for this must be given in the new gender equality plan.
The gender equality plan is published on the PTB Intranet and can be accessed by all staff members online and in a printed version.
PTB hereby confirms the following:

  • Special resources and gender-specific specialized knowledge are made available in order to implement the gender equality plan.
  • Data collected is broken down according to gender.
  • Reports are issued on the basis of different indicators.
  • Staff members, including management, are made aware of and receive training on the topic of "gender equality and subconscious gender-specific prejudices".