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Our Philosophy - Our Values

With our philosophy and our values - accuracy , objectivity and passion we briefly and compactly describe our self image and our corporate culture. Take a look at the values that distinguish us and the message of who we are, what we do and what we stand for now and in the future.

Our Philosophy

PTB is the National Metrology Institute of Germany. We strive to be the measure all things and develop measurement standards that are leading worldwide.

As a part of legal metrology and quality infrastructure, we set reliable and binding standards. We ensure that people and organizations can trust measurements. In doing so, we fundamentally contribute to our economy, science, society and the environment.

With internationally recognized cutting edge research, we are constantly redefining what is measurable, and with our diverse competences, we are enabling technological advancement to meet future challenges together.

Today, tomorrow and in the future. In all areas of life.

Together with our cooperation partners, we are opening up new potentials for quality, innovation and sustainability. For Germany, Europe and the world.

Our Values

Achieving the highest possible accuracy for reliable and binding measures is our greatest aim. We constantly question our work anew and rely on state of the art technology which we are continuously developing further. Our work is recognized throughout the world.

We stand for objectivity as we are independent of financial and political interests. We work exclusively according to scientific principles. As a federal institute, we are neutral and play an important role in reliable regulation.

However greatly the individual tasks at PTB may vary, we are unified by our passion for measuring.