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Advanced image reconstruction for MRI
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a versatile medical imaging technique which is widely used in clinical practice. In recent years, great advances have been made in the area of MR image reconstruction introducing novel concepts such as parallel imaging, compressed sensing or machine learning. These techniques can strongly improve image quality compared to standard image reconstruction but come at an increased computational cost.

During this project novel concepts for speeding up MR image reconstruction will be explored such as utilizing GPUs or optimizing OpenMP implementations. The project will be carried out in close cooperation Prof Juurlink (TU Berlin, Embedded Systems Architecture).

Job Requirements
  • Student of computer studies, electrical engineering or in a comparable area of engineering/natural sciences
  • Excellent programming skills (experience with CUDA)
  • Ability and dedication to work in an interdisciplinary biomedical research environment
  • Excellent communication skills and are able to work in a team 
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Div. 8 "Medical Physics and Metrological Information Technology"
Are you interested?

If this project has caught your interest, please contact:

Herrn Dr. Christoph Kolbitsch
E-Mail: christoph.kolbitsch(at)ptb.de
Tel.: 030 3481 7761

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