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Vocational training

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Good vocational training is the best start for one's professional career! For this reason, we train young people not only in their chosen field, we also develop their personality. The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt prepares approx. 140 trainees for their future tasks. The vocational training is carried out in state-approved apprenticed professions (in compliance with the Berufsbildungsgesetz BBIG – Vocational Training Act), in a dual system – i.e. company (practice & theory) and vocational school (theory) program the training together. 

Apprenticed professions in Braunschweig

Computer science expert, subject area: software development

Computer science expert, subject area: system integration

Electronics technician for energy technology and building services engineering

Electronics technician for equipment and systems

Precision machinist, specialized in precision mechanics


Digital media designer

Physics laboratory assistant

Dual study program: Electrical engineering and information technology in an integrated degree program

Apprenticed professions in Berlin

Office management assistant

Precision machinist, specialized in precision mechanics

Electronics technician for information and system




In August or September (depending on the respective holiday dates). The EITiPs (students) always begin at the beginning of August.


The monthly remuneration will be paid in accordance with the respective applicable wage agreement (TVAöD) and is graded according to the years of training. The remuneration of the EITiPs (students) is regulated separately.


The training (including the in-house instruction) takes place in training workshops and work experience facilities with modern and up-to-date teaching aides and methods, and is conducted by experienced and specially trained personnel as well as by staff members of the PTB departments.


The probationary period is three months. Within the probationary period, either contracting party can terminate the contract without giving reasons.


The final examination is conducted by the examination boards of the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry – CCI), or the HWK (Chamber of Skilled Crafts) (Braunschweig or Berlin). The final exam consists of a theoretical test and a test of skills. The chambers issue a certificate on the results.


PTB offers each trainee who has completed his/her training without major difficulties an extension of his/her employment at PTB for one year. Furthermore, continued employment is possible, of course, but it depends on the current vacancy situation; a separate application is required in this case.


School attendance is mandatory for all PTB trainees. The local vocational schools will be attended. Exceptions are the photographers, who will go to school in Hanover. The EITiPs (students) have to attend the lectures at the Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften (Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences)


Training requirements are:

• a very good Hauptschulabschluss (Certificate of Secondary Education – CSE)

• a good Realschulabschluss (General Certificate of Secondary Education – GCSE)

• Abitur (A-levels/university-entrance diploma) (or equal qualification/diploma)


ElTiP (studies) requirements are:

• good to very good "Abitur" or a polytechnic degree with a major in mathematics;

• a grade point average of at least 2.4 in mathematics-natural science subjects;

• a good command of English;

• highly willing to acquire new skills and a high degree of commitment;

• willingness to work at PTB for 2 years after completion of the training;

• male applicants must have completed the basic military service or the alternative civilian service, or must be exempt from service, by the beginning of the training.





The applicants will receive a written invitation to take a qualifying test. Decisive factors for employment are the result of the test, the school reports from the general-education schools and the personal interview.


  • Letter of application
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copies of the last two school reports from the general-education schools

We request you to send your application to the Personalreferat (Personnel Section) of:

PTB in Braunschweig:

Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt

- Personalreferat -

Bundesallee 100

38116 Braunschweig

and in Berlin to:

Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt Institut Berlin

- Ausbildung -

Abbestraße 2-12

10587 Berlin


If you have any further questions, Andrea Welge in Braunschweig and Marion Stelter in Berlin will be pleased to assist you.
Ms. Welge, Tel: +49 531 592-9128, e-mail: Opens window for sending emailandrea.welge(at)ptb.de and
Ms. Stelter, Tel: +49 30 3481-7554, e-mail: Opens window for sending emailmarion.stelter(at)ptb.de
The monthly remuneration will be paid in accordance with the respective applicable wage agreement (TVAöD) and is graded according to the years of training.