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Der Eingangsbereich der PTB in Braunschweig

Visiting PTB

Would you like to know how our atomic clocks tick? When even a nanometer is too long? Or all the things that physicists do with light? If you are interested in these or similar questions, then PTB, the National Metrology Institute of Germany, is the right place for you. Groups of at least 7 and up to a maximum of 30 people can register for our visitors' service. This usually consists of an introductory talk followed by a tour of several of our laboratories. (The labs are spread over our campus which is approx. 1 km2 in size, so you ought to be a good walker.)

Cloud chamber
Radioactivity: The cloud chamber makes ionizing radiation visible.
Visitors in the reflection-free room
Acoustics: In the reflection-free room
PTB's atomic clock hall
Time: In the atomic clock hall
PTB'S electricity meter cabinet
Electric clocks: In the electricity meter cabinet