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19th International Metrology Congress (CIM 2019)

The International Metrology Congress 2019 will be held in Paris from 24 to 26 September, Porte de Versailles (France) jointly with the new Show Measurement World.
Metrology is a core value for industrial processes evolution with the development of Industry of the Future: Smart sensors, Advanced manufacturing, data qualification and security, results reliability, IIOT, jobs evolution, energy efficiency... CIM2019 is a unique event in Europe proven to be a tremendous hit with the entire profession.

A showcase for industrial applications, advances in R&D and opportunities available to industry.

 1000 participants from 45 countries
 70% end-users of measurement technology in industry and laboratories
 30% official bodies, academics and researchers
The topics of industrial issues developed in 200 PRESENTATIONS and 6 INDUSTRIAL ROUND TABLES:
 Smart sensors for production optimisation
 Additive manufacturing: measurement and control challenges
 ISO/IEC 17025: risks and opportunities
 Training and Careers for Industry 4.0
 Measurements For Climate Change
 New technologies in measurement chain security and traceability

The Plenary Session « SHARE MEASUREMENT INTELLIGENCE » is focused on AI input in Metrology, Data Utilisation and Machine Learning.

The congress is organised by Collège Français de Métrologie with the support of Euramet, European cooperation for Accreditation, BIPM, OIML, NCSLi, le NPL, PTB and SPF Economie for the International participation.
Industrial and technical experts complete the organisation: BEA Métrologie, CETIAT, Cofrac, Digiplant Consulting, Implex, LNE, PSA Group, BOSCH, TRESCAL, STIL, University of Burgundy.

The Platinum Partner of CIM2019 is TRESCAL.
And the following companies also support the event: CETIAT, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Implex and Metrologic Group; and public authorities: DGE, direction of Ministry of Finance and Economy.