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Modeling Aspects in Optical Metrology VII(OM102)

This conference will focus on essentially any optical metrology, where modelling aspects play a crucial role and accurate modelling is a prerequisite for traceable and comparable measurements. One important topic is the development and verification of methods to describe the interaction of light with matter for quantitative characterization of micro- and nanostructures. The verification of these methods often relies on comparison measurements with independent metrology methods. Improved data analysis is often achieved applying sophisticated hybrid metrology and holistic approaches. Relevant applications include e.g. optical metrology and inspection of nanostructures for semiconductor and nanotechnologies, display production to the investigation of grating structures and grating-based devices. In most of the applications nanometer or sub-nanometer measurement uncertainties are required. Thus, complex and increasingly challenging metrology applications emphasize even more the importance of error modelling for optical systems. Special emphasis shall be placed on the description and modelling of new methods, algorithms, components or complete measurement systems up to the treatment of big data. 

The topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • optical metrology
  • image modelling
  • lensless imaging, coherent diffraction imaging
  • modelling of sensor response, parametric modelling
  • modelling of optical metrology systems
  • novel microscopy methods
  • super-resolution
  • reference metrology
  • measurement uncertainty and error modelling in optical systems
  • multiprobe characterization
  • hybrid metrology
  • scatterometry, OCD
  • inverse problems in optics
  • Maxwell equation solving algorithms
  • algorithms for real 3D simulations
  • modelling of material properties in optics
  • modelling of polarization effects, ellipsometry and Mueller ellipsometry
  • optimization for diffractive optical elements
  • 3D shape metrology
  • placement, registration, alignment and overlay metrology
  • modelling for nanomanufacturing and nanolithography
  • metrology for multi patterning/exposure and EUV lithography
  • modelling of stochastic parameters, objects and interactions
  • phase metrology, phase retrieval techniques
  • flatness metrology, deflectometry
  • high-precision interferometry
  • high-precision displacement metrology
  • grating characterization and modelling
  • optical scattering, SERS and related
  • time dependent phenomena, modelling of ultrafast processes
  • new materials, metamaterials
  • plasmonics for metrological applications
  • photonic crystals, photonic devices
  • modelling of optomechanical systems (NOMS, MOMS, MOEMS...).

The Conference will organize a joint session together with the CLEO/Europe-EQEC Conference dedicated to modern approaches in computational photonics for metrology.