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Workshop on Multifunctional ultrafast microprobes for on-the-machine measurements

Traceable measurements of surface form and property are essential for controlling the use of or assessing the condition of machined parts and tools in high precision mechanical manufacturing machines especially when these components are subject to wear and surface contamination. Therefore, the 17IND05 MicroProbes project developed tactile microprobes for reliable and ultrafast, on-the-machine (i.e. in-line) topographical micro-form and roughness measurements that are 30 times faster than conventional methods and fast methods using contact resonance and force-distance curves to measure adhesion, stiffness, friction, coating thickness and to detect contaminants through adhesion contrast. The agenda can be found <media 32410 - media "Initiates file download">here</media>.

Topics to be covered include:

-       Mechanical Properties Measured with a Customized Microprobe for AFM

-       Contact Resonance Operation of Piezoresistive Microprobes

-       Fast topography measurements using optimized cantilevers with active Q-control and passive damping

-       Microprobe system with integrated „high-speed“ feed unit – Microprofiler

-       In-line measurement of surface texture of rolls using microprobes

-       In Situ Measurement of Wear using Mechanical Microprobes


Stream:   https://www.conf.dfn.de/stream/nr5hytrbr6p72