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Modelling and Numerical Simulation for reacting and non-reacting Multiphase Flows

Kolloquium der Abteilung 3

In this presentation we provide an overview of the research activities

of the  Multi-phase and Reacting Flows Group at UCL. In the first part

of this talk we present recent results in the simulation of porous-media

flows in the presence of heat exchange and chemical reactions. The

second part of this talk concerns the modeling and numerical study of

fluid-saturated granular materials, whereas the third part is devoted to

thermal-hydraulics and, in particular, to the simulation of turbulent

impinging jets. This talk will conclude with the presentation of results

from numerical simulation of detonations.

Multiphase flows occur frequently in daily life, in nature and in

industrial applications. To improve the efficiency of such kind of

flows, to decrease related emissions and energy costs or to increase

operation safety, numerical modeling is an important predictive tool.

This presentation focuses on the development of numerical methods and

studies concerning the physics of various types of multiphase flows.

This includes the modeling of the atomization of liquid jets, spray

drying processes and pneumatic transport of powders.