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Nutzung von DNA-Origami-Nanostrukturen als rückgeführte Längenmaßstäbe im Nanometerbereich


In recent years, DNA origami nanorulers for superresolution fluorescence microscopy have been developed from fundamental proof-of-principle experiments to commercially available test structures. The self-assembled nanostructures allow placing a defined number of fluorescent dye molecules in defined geometries in the nanometer range. Besides the unprecedented control over matter on the nanoscale, robust DNA origami nanorulers are reproducibly obtained in high yields. The distances between their fluorescent marks can be easily analysed yielding intermark distance histograms from many identical structures. Thus, DNA origami nanorulers have become excellent reference and training structures for superresolution microscopy. In this work, we go one step further and develop a calibration process for the measured distances between the fluorescent marks on DNA origami nanorulers. The superresolution technique DNA-PAINT is used to achieve nanometrological traceability of nanoruler distances following the guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement (GUM). We further show two examples how these nanorulers are used to evaluate the performance of microscopes that are capable of single-molecule localization microscopy.


M. Raab, I. Jusuk, J. Molle, E. Buhr, B. Bodermann, D. Bergmann, H. Bosse, P. Tinnefeld: Using DNA origami nanorulers as traceable distance measurement standards and nanoscopic benchmark structures, Scientific Reports 8:1780 (2018), DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-19905-x