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PFPWG Survey Questionnaire


Preparation of Proposal for Phase IV of Strengthening Quality Infrastructure in ASEAN - Online Survey

Dear Sir or Madam 

Your opinion on how STRACAP (standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures, accreditation, scientific and legal metrology, market surveillance) can help in the achievement of ASEAN’s strategic goals is very important to the formulation of the direction of the future project for PTB to support ASEAN. Your input will help in the determination of the project’s overall objective and in providing ideas for the characteristics and dimensions of modules within the project.  

You are requested to complete this online survey on behalf of your AMS within the PFPWG. Your response will be compiled with others to help develop an Initial Report that will then be circulated and subsequently discussed with the PFPWG Chairperson.

Please refer to the document “Preparation of Proposal for Phase IV of Strengthening Quality Infrastructure in ASEAN” for further details about the survey and for a summary of strategic areas contained within key ASEAN strategic documents where STRACAP might contribute.

Please provide your responses online before: Wednesday 12th January 2022. Kindly note that the information contained in your completed questionnaire, as well as in the Interim Reports, will only be shared between PTB, ASEC and the respective sectoral body. For more general information on PTB’s data protection measures, visit Opens external link in new windowhere.

Thank you in advance for your kind collaboration. 

1. Looking into the future, what is your vision for the role of a new ASEAN-PTB project related to prepared foodstuff products within ASEAN?


This can be a general statement on what the project should be doing or providing, or why it should exist. It should not be constrained by the timescale of the proposed project nor by the outcomes of previous projects.

2. Considering your response to Question 1, what should be the 3 - 4 main priority areas within the project in the field of prepared foodstuff products to enable this to happen?


These should be what you consider to be the strategic priority areas rather than specific activities.

Your main priority area 1
Your main priority area 2
Your main priority area 3
Your main priority area 4
3. Define 3 - 4 project outcomes in the field of prepared foodstuff products that are needed to achieve what you consider to be the highest priorities in the ASEAN strategies.


You may wish to refer to Annex B (Strategic Themes) of the introductory document referenced above.

Please list these in order of priority

Project outcomes are changes that occur as a result of the actions taken and are what you aim the project to achieve

Your project outcome 1
Your project outcome 2
Your project outcome 3
Your project outcome 4
4. Considering the challenges that may exist in achieving these outcomes and the likely benefits, what project interventions would be needed in the field of prepared foodstuff products?


A project intervention is an activity that addresses the needs, problem, or issue that is considered to be a priority, and that cannot be addressed more effectively in another way. Both higher level interventions or more concrete activities may be listed. Please include both, follow-up activities from Phase III and completely new initiatives. 

5. Is there anything else we should consider in the preparation for this new project? Any other comments/questions?


In case clarification of your response is needed, please provide the following information:

AMS: *
(Your full name):



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