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Evaluation and Feedback

Training Series on National Standardization Strategies

July to September 2021

From July to September 2021, several regional and national online events were conducted and supplemented by remote consultancy in order to support the National Standards Bodies in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Brunei in addressing stakeholders and applying standards in an open and transparent way.

This first training series on ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ had been implemented in the framework of the project Opens external link in new windowStrengthening Quality Infrastructure in ASEAN - a cooperation between PTB and ACCSQ - by Working Group 1 on Standards.

Since we always seek ways to improve and have one more training series on Project Management coming up, we would like to kindly ask you to take a few moments to complete the survey below.

1. Please rate the following:
  Very bad Bad Okay Good Very good Excellent
Overall structure of the training series on ‘National Standardization Strategies”
Preparation and information in advance of the workshop
Presentations by PTB expert
Technical implementation (video conferencing tool, feedback tools etc.)
2. Relevance of the sub-sections

How useful were the different parts of the training for your work and how helpful were the sessions in order to draft / enhance the National Standardization Strategies of your NSB?

  Not at all Not really Somewhat Mostly Definitely Highly
Regional Kick-Off Workshop in July
National Kick-Off Workshops in August
Continuous remote support by PTB expert
National Closing Workshops in September
Regional Closing Event in September
3. If you have rated any of the above with ‘not at all’ or ‘not really’, please tell us why and make suggestions on how we could improve the next training series:
4. Upcoming training series *
I would like to hear more from the other NSBs in the ASEAN region
I would like to have a stronger national focus
I would like to learn more about experiences from regions other than ASEAN
None of the above but suggesting:
5. Kindly comment on and/or answer the following questions:
  Your opinion
Was there enough time to answer your questions and discuss other issues? If not, how could we improve?
What was missing during this training series on National Standardization Strategies?
Which aspects can be improved for the next training series on ‘Project Management’?
Any other additional comments and/or suggestions: