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Uncertainty Evaluation Using Virtual Experiments


Virtual experiments simulating real measurement processes by means of numerical models have become increasingly important in modern metrology and industrial applications. Combined with Monte Carlo methods, virtual experiments have also been proposed for the evaluation of measurement uncertainties for a corresponding real experiment. However, such a proceeding is not always in line with the current standard of uncertainty evaluation in metrology as defined in the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM).


We explore how the results of a virtual experiment can be employed in the context of a GUM-compliant uncertainty. It is shown that, under specific assumptions about model structure and variance of the data, virtual experiments in combination with a Monte Carlo method leads to an uncertainty evaluation which is in line with Supplement 1 to the GUM. Simple generic examples as well the case study of a virtual coordinate measuring machine are presented to illustrate the treatment.


Related Publication: Gerd Wübbeler, Manuel Marschall, Karin Kniel, Daniel Heißelmann, Frank Härtig and Clemens Elster. (2022). GUM-Compliant Uncertainty Evaluation Using Virtual Experiments. Metrology, 2(1), 114-127. [DOI: 10.3390/metrology2010008]


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