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Opens external link in new windowImproved measurement results for the Avogadro constant using a 28Si-enriched crystal.
Azuma, Y.; Barat, P.; Bartl, G.; Bettin, H.; Borys, M.; Busch, I.; Cibik, L.; D'Agostino, G.; Fujii, K.; Fujimoto, H.; Hioki, A.; Krumrey, M.; Kuetgens, U.; Kuramoto, N.; Mana, G.; Massa, E.; Meeß, R.; Mizushima, S.; Narukawa, T.; Nicolaus, A.; Pramann, A.; Rabb, S. A.; Rienitz, O.; Sasso, C.; Stock, M.; Vocke Jr, R. D.; Waseda, A.; Wundrack, S.; Zakel, S.; Metrologia (2015)

Opens external link in new windowDevelopment of a traceable profilometer for high-aspect-ratio microstructures metrology.
Xu, M., Kirchhoff, J. & Brand, U. Surf. Topogr. Metrol. Prop. 2  (2014) 024002

Opens external link in new windowIn-situ nondestructive characterization of the normal spring constant of AFM cantilevers.
Gao, S. & Brand, U.  Meas. Sci. Technol. 25 (2014) 044014

Opens external link in new windowNanoindentation.
Michailidis, N.; Bouzakis, K.-D.; Koenders, L.; Herrmann, K.; CIRP encyclopedia of production engineering (2014)

Opens external link in new windowPositioning errors in coherence scanning interferometers: determination of measurement uncertainties with novel calibration artifacts.
Boedecker, S.; Rembe, C.; Krüger-Sehm, R.; Felgner, A.; Fringe 2013: 7th International Workshop on Advanced Optical Imaging and Metrology (2014)

Opens external link in new windowFinal report on APMP.L-K8: International comparison of surface roughness
Baker, A., Tan, S. L., Leach, R., Jung, L., Wong,  S.Y., Tonmueanwai, A., Naoi, K., Kim, J., Renegar, T B , Chaudhary, K P.,Metrologia, Technical Supplement 50 (2013) 04003, dx.doi.org/10.1088/0026-1394/50/1A/04003

Opens external link in new windowA nanonewton force facility to test Newton’s law of gravity at micro- and submicrometer distances.
Nesterov, V., Buetefisch, S., Koenders, L.,  Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 525 (2013) 728–737 DOI 10.1002/andp.201300057

Opens external link in new windowCharacterization of a traceable profiler instrument for areal roughness measurement.
Thomsen-Schmidt, P., Measurement Science and Technology 22 (2011) 094019

Opens external link in new windowLight-induced attractive force between two metal bodies separated by a subwavelength slit.
Nesterov, V., Frumin, L.,  Meas. Sci. Technol. 22 (2011) 094008

Opens external link in new windowModelling and simulating scanning force microscopes for estimating measurement uncertainty: a virtual scanning force microscope.
Xu, M., Dziomba, T., Koenders, L.,, Measurement Science and Technology 22 (2011) 094004

Opens external link in new windowThe European nanometrology landscapeLeach, R.; Boyd, R.; Burke, T.; Danzebrink, H.-U.; Dirscherl, K.; Dziomba, T.; Gee, M.; Koenders, L.; Morazzani, V.; Pidduck, A.; Roy, D.; Unger, W. E. S.; Yacoot, A.; Nanotechnology 22 (2011)  062001, doi:10.1088/0957-4484/22/6/062001

Opens external link in new windowAspects of scanning force microscope probes and their effects on dimensional measurement.
Yacoot, A., Koenders, L., Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, V41 (2008) 103001