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J Frühauf , D Hüser , E Gärtner  and A Felgner
Development of Si-chips with anisotropic rough surface
Surf. Topogr.: Metrol. Prop. 8 (2020) 045001, doi 10.1088/2051-672X/abb528

W Bauer, D Hüser, D Gerbert
Opens external link in new windowSimple method to determine linearity deviations of topography measuring instruments with a large range axial, scanning system
Precision Engineering 64 (2020) 243–248, doi: 10.1016/j.precisioneng.2020.04.018

Z Li, S. Gao, U. Brand, K. Hiller and H. Wolff
A MEMS nanoindenter with an integrated AFM cantilever gripper for nanomechanical characterization of compliant materials
Nanotechnology 2020, 31, 305502; DOI: 10.1088/1361-6528/ab88ed

U. Brand, M. Xu, L. Doering, et al
Long Slender Piezo-Resistive Silicon Microprobes for Fast Measurements of Roughness and Mechanical Properties inside Micro-Holes with Diameters below 100 µm
Sensors 2019, 19, 1410; DOI:10.3390/s19061410

Klapetek, P., Dziomba, T.
Opens external link in new windowQuantitative data processing in scanning probe microscopy
Dimensional measurements; SPM applications for nanometrology, 2. edition (2018), 97 – 149

Aleksandrov Fabijanic, Tamara; Katic, Marko; Menelao, Febo
Metrological characteristics of newly developed reference Vickers hardness blocks for the high hardness range
Metrologia (2018)

Chen, X.; Koenders, L.; Parkinson, S.
Opens external link in new windowCorrelation and convolution filtering and image processing for pitch evaluation of 2D micro- and nano-scale gratings and lattices
Applied Optics: 56 (2017), 9, 2434 – 2443

U. Brand, S. Gao, W. Engl, T. Sulzbach, et al
Comparing AFM cantilever stiffness measured using the thermal vibration and the improved thermal vibration methods with that of an SI traceable method based on MEMS
Meas. Sci. Technol. 2017, 28, 034010; DOI:10.1088/1361-6501/28/3/034010

Grziwotz, Daniel; Brand, Uwe; Menelao, Febo; Schilling, Meinhard
Automation of the Rockwell standard measuring maschine of the PTB
IMEKO TC5 Conference 2017: Proceedings (2017)
IMEKO TC3, TC5 and TC22 International Conference 2017, Helsinki, 30, May - 01, June, 2017

Li, Zhi; Brand, Uwe; Menelao, Febo; Herdin, Mona; Felgner, André
A non-imaging optical system for characterisation of ball-shaped micro-indenters
Measurement (2017)

D Hüser, J Hüser, S Rief, J Seewig P Thomsen-Schmidt
Procedure to approximately estimate the uncertainty of material ratio parameters due to inhomogeneity of surface roughness
Meas. Sci. Technol. 27 (2016) 085005 (11pp), doi: 10.1088/0957-0233/27/8/085005

Frühauf, J.; Gärtner, E.; Koenders, L.; Felgner, A.
Silicon reference samples for areal roughness : Comparative measurements of areal roughness by confocal microscopes
Technisches Messen 83 (2016), 121, 681-695

Menelao, Febo; Li, Zhi; Brand, Uwe; Felgner, André
A non-imaging optical system for characterisation of ball-shaped micro-indenters
Joint IMEKO International TC3, TC5 and TC22 Conference 2014 (2014)
Joint IMEKO Conference TC3, TC5 & TC22, Cape Town, 03-05, February, 2014