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Rückführung der Formmessung von Freiformflächen: Metrologische Referenzflächen


Due to the complexity of measurement systems for asphere and freeform surfaces, well-known artifacts are required to characterize the accuracy of the results of their form measurements. We present advancements in manufacturing and characterization of metrological multispherical freeform artifacts. The strong cooperation between the manufacturing and measurement units of Physikalisch–Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) allows the form of the artifacts to be manufactured very accurately and the root-mean-square deviation from the desired design form to be improved by a factor of >20 compared to former results (e.g., from a value >500 nm to about 20 nm). Furthermore, a nickel/phosphorous coating is added to the copper surface, resulting in greater hardness and allowing the coated surface to be used as a reference for low-force tactile measurement systems. Four Gaussian peak fiducial marker structures are added to the design to improve the evaluation of comparison measurements. In addition to characterizing the radii in the spherical segments using PTB’s radius measurement bench, we also characterize the sphericity of the spherical segments using a Fizeau interferometer. We show form measurement results for a full-field measuring tilted-wave interferometer and compare the form measurement results in the spherical segments with measurement results obtained with the Fizeau interferometer.