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"Thin-film growth techniques of molecule-based emitters for applications in single-photon metrology" - Poster award at the B-IGSM Summer School 2022 for Franziska Hirt


As research and applications in the field of quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum communication and quantum metrology are advancing rapidly, the request on stable single-photon emitters and precisely calibrated measurement devices has increased. There is a huge variety of emitters, most notably organic molecules, which have been proven to consistently emit single photons quasi on demand. Merging the advantageous features of organic dyes, such as their high stability and brightness, with the molecules’ nanoscopic size and strong zero-phonon line, especially at liquid helium temperatures, organic dye molecules are very promising candidates to be used in quantum radiometry and single-photon metrology. One prerequisite for these applications is the formation of a stable guest-host-system. In the poster, Franziska Hirt presented results on thin layer fabrication methodologies, these are the fabrication of dibenzoterrylene (DBT) molecules in anthracene (Ac) nanocrystals using the reprecipitation growth and embedding DBT in C60 layers using organic molecular beam epitaxy (OMBE).

This poster won the 2nd place at the B-IGSM Summer School 2022 in Drübeck.

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Franziska Hirt; 4.5, Angewandte Radiometrie, PTB-Braunschweig
Justus Christinck; 4.5, Angewandte Radiometrie, PTB-Braunschweig
Helmuth Hofer; 4.5, Angewandte Radiometrie, PTB-Braunschweig
Stefan Wolter; TU-Braunschweig
Andreas Reutter; TU-Braunschweig
Mike Stummvoll; TU-Braunschweig
Neda Noei; TU-Braunschweig
Uta Schlickum; TU-Braunschweig
Stefan Kück; 4, Optik, PTB-Braunschweig