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Round robin comparison study on the form measurement of optical freeform surfaces


A round robin comparison of freeform form measurements was carried out by the project partners and stakeholders of a European metrology research project. Altogether six measuring instruments were considered: five different (pointwise and areal) optical devices and one tactile device. Three optical freeform surfaces were used for the comparison measurements, where two specimens were measured by five instruments and one specimen by four instruments. In this paper, the evaluation methods and results of this round robin are presented for the three freeform surfaces made from a temperature-stable material, Super Invar ®. The freeforms had diameters of 40 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm and best-fit radii of 39.75 mm (convex), 40.9 mm (convex) and 423.5 mm (concave). For comparison, the bilateral pointwise differences between the available measurements were calculated. The root-mean-square values of these differences ranged from 15 nm to 110 nm (neglecting spherical contributions) and provided an insight into the status of typical freeform measurement capabilities for optical surfaces.



Ines Fortmeier, Reyko Schachtschneider, Vit Ledl, Ondrej Matousek, Jens Siepmann, Antonia Harsch, Rolf Beisswanger, Youichi Bitou, Yohan Kondo, Michael Schulz & Clemens Elster