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SINENA - A Monte Carlo program for transfering protonrecoil telescope neutron fluence measurements to detectors

Autor(en): B. R. L. Siebert, H. J. Brede und H. Lesiecki
Jahr: 1982
Seite(n): 28 S., 8 Abbildungen
Verschiedenes: DM 12,50
Zusammenfassung: The commonly used direct and indirect methods for calibrating detectors against a PRT have been discussed and generalized for realistic neutron fields which are produced using spatially-extended targets and an anisotropic production reaction. The gas target using the D (d,n)3 He reaction has been studied as an example of a realistic source. The influence of the entrance toll and the reaction gas have been considered. The correction due to first-order elastic multiple scattering from target material has been implemented. It could be shown that systematic errors of up to 5,5% can be avoided by the use of the new program as compared to the present standard procedures.

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