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Determination of neutron scattering cross sections of 9Be at energies between 7.10 MeV and 9.97 MeV

Autor(en): Dankwart Schmidt, Wolf Mannhart und Silvin Khurana
Herausgeber: Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Report Typ: PTB-Report
Jahr: 2007
Seite(n): 67 S.
ISBN: ISBN 978-3-86509-670-8 ; ISSN 0936-0492
Zusammenfassung: Differential cross sections of elastic and inelastic neutron scattering on 9Be were determined in the energy range from 7.10 MeV to 9.97 MeV at four incident energies. The data were derived by comparing the net time-of-flight spectra with calculated spectra using a realistic Monte Carlo simulation. The time-of-flight measurement was accompanied by extensive and careful calibrations. The beryllium cross sections have been normalized to hydrogen scattering. The disturbing breakup scattering fraction of the non-monoenergetic DD neutron source can be subtracted after having been calculated by a Monte Carlo simulation. The data for such a calculation are checked using an additional pure breakup neutron source based on the 4He(d,np)4He reaction. By proper subtraction of the breakup fractions, double-differential cross sections can be obtained for neutron emission energies down to 1.5 MeV. Partial inelastic cross sections could be determined for one low-lying level at excitation energy 2.43 MeV. Angle-integrated cross sections were derived by fitting Legendre polynomial expansions to the measured angular distributions using least-squares methods. The results of this work have been compared with those of other authors and with the ENDF/B-VI evaluation.
Bemerkung: Determination of neutron scattering cross sections of .sup.9.nosup.Be at energies between 7.10 MeV and 9.97 MeV ; (PTB-Bericht PTB-N-55)

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