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Titel: CD-Metrology Proceedings of the 188th PTB-Seminar, 20th Nov. 2003
Autor(en): B. [. Bodermann und W. Mirandé
Editor: Bosse, Harald; 5.2, Längen- und Winkelteilungen, PTB-Braunschweig Bodermann, Bernd; 4.2, Bild- und Wellenoptik, PTB-Braunschweig Mirandé, Werner; 4.2, Bild- und Wellenoptik, PTB-Braunschweig
Report Typ: PTB-Report
Jahr: 2003
Dokument Nummer: PTB-F-48
Seite(n): 189 , zahlr. Abb.
Verschiedenes: € 21,50
ISBN: ISBN 3-86509-113-X
ISSN: ISSN 0179-0609
Zusammenfassung: In the end of November 2003 the 188th PTB-Seminar entitled "CD Metrology" took place in conjunction with the 187th PTB-Seminar on "Current Developments in Microscopy". Both oneday seminars were supported by the Helmholtz-Fonds. The 188th PTB-seminar was intended to bring together experts from industry, science and metrology institutes to discuss about the requirements and recent developments in the metrology of the widths of micro- and nanostructures on masks and wafers, which are used to manufacture integrated circuit devices. This topic is often called CD metrology, where CD is short for critical dimension. About 90 attendees from 10 countries joined the 187th PTB-seminar.
Bemerkung: CD-Metrology : proceedings of the 188th PTB-Seminar, 20th Nov. 2003 ; (PTB-Bericht PTB-F-48)

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