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Titel: SEM based dimensional metrology
Editor: Bosse, Harald; 5.2, Längen- und Winkelteilungen, PTB-Braunschweig
Report Typ: PTB-Report
Jahr: 2007
Dokument Nummer: PTB-F-52
Seite(n): CD-ROM
Verschiedenes: 15,00 EUR
ISBN: ISBN 978-3-86509-647-0
ISSN: ISSN 0179-0609
Zusammenfassung: The objective of the seminar was to report on current trends and developments in dimensional metrology based on scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and to discuss about future requirements in this field. The reason for organization of the seminar in 2006 was on the one hand the increasing application of SEM for industrial process control in different technology fields with topics of calibration and measurement capability linked to it and on the other hand some recent developments of SEM based measurement equipment at the PTB. The presentations at the beginning of the seminar covered basic contrast mechanisms in SEM imaging and Monte Carlo based methods for SEM contrast simulation at micro- and nanostructure edges. In the following talks SEM based reference instrumentation for dimensional metrology at national metrology institutes were presented, supported by presentations concentrating on manufacturing and use of calibration standards for SEM. The other presentations on the first seminar day covered different aspects of application of SEM in semiconductor and mask industry with a focus on reproducibility of measurement results and cross calibration between different type of measuring instruments. The second day comprised talks concentrating on new developments in SEM instrumentation, covering new measuring principles and new signal analysis approaches for metrology as well. The seminar was closed with a session on photogrammetric measurement and analysis methods for 3D measurement structures and surfaces, a presentation on material testing by photogrammetry in SEM and application of a large chamber SEM for observation of micro-assembly and micro-machining processes. The seminar had 67 registered participants coming from 9 different countries (Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA). In addition to the oral presentations a small poster session and 3 different PTB laboratory tours in the PTB division s of Optics and Precision Engineering were offered during the seminar. The evening reception on the first day allowed to intensify personal contacts as well as SEM related scientific discussions.
Bemerkung: SEM based dimensional metrology : 223rd PTB-Seminar in Braunschweig, Germany ; (PTB-Bericht PTB-F-52)

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