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Titel: International Comparison of the Calibration of a Multifunction Transfer Standard Part 2
Autor(en): H. Eckardt, G. Schliestedt und W. Schollmeier
Editor: Eckardt, Heinz; 2.011, Elektrische Mess- und Prüftechnik, PTB-Berlin
Report Typ: PTB-Bericht
Jahr: 2000
Dokument Nummer: PTB-E-71
Seite(n): 1
ISBN: ISBN 3-89701-622-2 ; ISSN 0341-6674
Schlüsselwörter: PTB-E-
Zusammenfassung: Between March 1997and April 1998, the PTB carried out a second international comparison of electrical quantities, this time with participants from several national metrology institutes (NMIs) of Latin America. A model 4950 multifunction transfer standard of Wavetek make served as a reference instrument which had to be calibrated for the following measurands: Ac and DC voltage, AC and DC current and DC resistance. The results of a previous African-Asian comparison (1996 - 1997) have been reported earlier. In the Latin American comparison to be described here, the NMIs of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, together with the regional metrology institution of Central America in Guatemala, took part. Within the framework of a seminar, the results obtained were discussed and evaluated with the participants. With a few exceptions, there was good agreement of the measurement results within the scope of the measurement uncertainties stated.
Bemerkung: International comparison of the calibration of a multifunction transfer standard. Part 2 ; PTB-Bericht PTB-E-71

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