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IEC 61853-2 International Standard (1.0) 2016-09-06     IEC 61853-2:2016 defines measurement procedures for measuring the effects of angle of incidence of the irradiance on the output power of the device, determines the operating temperature of a module for a given set of ambient and mounting conditions and measure spectral responsivity of the module. A second purpose is to provide a characteristic set of parameters which will be useful for detailed energy predictions. The described measurements are required as inputs into the module energy rating procedure described in IEC 61853-3.
IEC 61853-3   2018-01 (Fcst.) ACDV 2016-04 TCDV 2016-09  
IEC 61853-4   2018-01 (Fcst.) ACDV 2016-04 TCDV 2016-09