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Evidence for correlations between nuclear decay rates and solar activity

Kolloquium der Abteilung 6

Mittwoch, 23. September 2009 10:00
Vortragende/r: Prof. Ephraim Fischbach
Institut: Purdue University, West Lafeyette, Indiana
Ort: PTB Braunschweig, Chadwick-Bau, Raum 311

Unexplained periodic fluctuations in the decay rates of 32Si and 226Ra have been reported by groups at Brookhaven National Laboratory (32Si), and at the PTB in Germany (226Ra). We show from an analysis of the raw data in these experiments that the observed fluctuations are strongly correlated in time, not only with each other, but also with 1/R2 where R is the distance between the Earth and the Sun. In addition, observations made during the solar flare of 12 December 2006, support the implication that solar activity influences decay rates. Some implications of these results are also discussed, including applications to space travel, carbon-14 dating, and cancer treatment.

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