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NanoScale 2010
Co-Nanomet Workshops

Thin Films & SPM, SEM and CD


NanoScale 2010


The quantitative determination of the properties of micro- and nano structures is essential in research and development and is a prerequisite in process control and quality assurance in industry. The knowledge of the geometrical dimensions of structures in most cases is the base, to which other physical and chemical properties are linked. Quantitative measurements presuppose reliable and stable instruments, suitable measurement procedures as well as suitable calibration artefacts and methods.

The seminar will stimulate the exchange of information between users in science and industry and manufacturers of relevant hard- and software.

Topics to be addressed

Instrumentation and methods
novel/improved instruments and methods, repeatable probe/sample positioning, position-measuring systems, novel/improved probe/detector systems, linearization methods, image processing

Calibration & correction methods
calibration methods, calibration standards, calibration procedures, traceable measurements, standardization, uncertainty of measurements

quantitative measurements and measurement problems in: micro electronics, micro systems technology, nano/quantum/molecular electronics, chemistry, biology, medicine, environmental technology, surface science, materials science, surface processing

Co-Nanomet Workshops

Co-Nanomet is a project within the European Commission Framework Programme 7. Activities of the project are to address the need within Europe to develop the required measurement framework to successfully support the development and economic exploitation of nanotechnology .

The workshops organized by the European Nanometrology Action Group (ENAG) for Thin films and for SPM, SEM and Critical Dimensions and should bring together people from industry, universities, and metrology institutes to review the current state of nanometrology in Europe and to discuss the needs of European Nanotechnology Industry.

Thin films

Issues to be addressed

  • Film thickness and material structure, density, porosity, film chemistry, optical properties, mechanical properties, electrical and magnetic properties
  • Areal surface texture measurement and characterisation
  • Calibration of instruments, traceability of measurements, transfer artefacts
  • Standardisation
  • Cross-correlation between measurement results obtained using different techniques
  • Advances in novel measurement techniques

Contact: Ludger Koenders, PTB, Germany                                                                             

SPM, SEM and Critical Dimension

Issues to be addressed

  • Critical Dimensions- measurements and limits.
  • Scanning electron/probe microscopy used for other tasks in dimensional nanometrology.
  • Transfer of critical dimension measurements to other applications (for example: nanoparticles, length of nanotubes).
  • Calibration of instruments, guidelines, written and artificial standards, traceability and uncertainty.
  • Modelling and simulation, in particular to take into account the interaction between probes and surfaces

Contact: Hans-Ulrich Danzebrink, PTB, Germany


The Joint Research Project NANOTRACE aims to  10 pm accuracy of displacement metrology namely by refined optical interferometry.
Issuses to be addressed
  • novel optical interferometric techniques
  • realization of a transfer standard
  • development of the x-ray interferometer
  • measurement uncertainty

Contact: Marco Pisani, INRIM, Italy                                                                                         

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